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about us
Little Treehouse is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 to support initiatives in developing countries and in Italy to help people in need and in particular children. We are a group of motivated individuals with a dream of putting others’ interests in front of everything else, who believe that it is possible to fight inequality and misallocation of wealth everyday with just a little help and support.

Our belief is that helping is an everyday activity and that each one of us is able to play a role in helping people less fortunate than ourselves, be it through financial, active or emotional support.

We believe in providing full transparency to our members and supporters of both our projects and the donations we receive, giving detailed updates on how each individual support has directly contributed to the projects he or she has selected. Our lean structure and committed people allow us to have no structure costs therefore we are able to allocate 100% of the donations directly to our projects.
Our objective is to create a community of people who proactively become involved by bringing together their own ideas and projects and sharing their views, in a combined effort to provide support to people less fortunate than ourselves.

Little Treehouse’s aim is to be able to provide continuous support to its projects, not only through financial relief, but also through other means of support which include active work, time, commitment and emotional care. We want to be an incubator of ideas and projects so that we can support multiple causes in the best possible way and to have an immediate effect on the lives of the people we help.
Our projects
Since the foundation of the charity in 2013, Little Treehouse has been involved with specific projects that provide aid and support to children in developing countries. In particular, our initial major project was the construction of a new house for the children of Orlindi Orphanage in Windhoek (Namibia).

Since 2013, in cooperation with out friends of Mammadu’ Italia, we have supported a number of other projects in Namibia, including schools such as Viking and family’s homes such as Clara’s. Little Treehouse has supported also specific projects within the Orlindi Orphanage to increase the children’s standard of living and special situations. One of these was the project with Gerome described in the relevant section. Our last major project, and biggest effort to date, is called Happydu (www.happydu.org).
Happydu is a not-for-profit organization based in Namibia focused on providing support to young mothers and their children and to provide pre-school education for children aged 3 to 6 as well as a professional training for teenagers of the poorest part of the local population. The project involves the construction of a multipurpose center: Happydu Village (inaugurated in October 2017).

After many years helping abandoned children in Namibia, we realized the need to try to address one of the sources of the issue. Hence we extended the scope of our activity in order to help the young mothers too. The focus of this project is then to support young mothers, through counseling and training, and their children, through teaching and other group activities, who live in the suburbs of the city where sexual violence and alcohol abuse are very common. We give support through psychological counseling, in order to increase their awareness of the problem, and with professional workshops with the aim of helping the young mothers to find an occupation and feel more included in the community.

By doing this we intend to break the sad cycle of children abandonment, which we have experienced during various projects for several years. Happydu Village includes also a kindergarten that welcomes the children of these young women to give them basic education and perform activities aiming at cognitive and motor development (e.g. sport classes and movies’ projections).

Happydu Village is also a place where the teenagers of the community can receive support in their studies (afternoon classes) and can find a place of aggregation to spend their free time and in order to keep them away from the “street life”.
Orlindi orphanage
The Orlindi Orphanage is located in Katutura, suburbia of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. The original Orlindi Orphanage had become too small for the increasing number of children Orlindi was providing a home for. Little Treehouse realized the need for a new home for the children, and offered to help to support the construction of the new Orlindi Orphanage, which had already been planned as a two-part building, with grounds outside for a little garden and play area.

The efforts to raise funding to build a new home for the 25 amazing children began in May 2013. With the funds raised, Little Treehouse was happy to be able to fund the construction of the building. The construction of the new home for the children of Orlindi was finished in November 2013 and to celebrate this exciting event, a house warming party was organized as a surprise for the children. The construction of the orphanage was a long process that was helped by the support of many individuals and a journey that we all shared together.
Gerome is one of the children at Orlindi. He goes to school and has always been one of the happiest children at the Orphanage. However, Gerome has never had a normal life. He was born with a rare condition called Imperforate Anus (born without an anal opening). He has spent his life carrying around a little colostomy bag on his belt connected with a tube to his apparatus. Gerome could not run and play, like the other children of his age.

The potential risks involved with Gerome’s health made it difficult to find a doctor willing to operate on Gerome. However, with perseverance and a bit of luck, we were fortunate enough to find Doctor Palmhert, who was the first doctor to give approval Gerome’s surgery. Gerome underwent his first surgery in October 2013 followed by others in the following months. Gerome is now fine, healthy and very happy. As a group, we supported our partners Mammadu' Italia, which sponsored and led the efforts on this project. Here is a picture of Gerome after his surgery with his new ‘friend’ that he named Mirko, after one of the volunteers who helped at Orlindi.
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Become a member of Little Treehouse (membership is 50 euros per year – 100% of your donation goes towards our projects). By becoming a member, you will have the opportunity to be actively involved in the organisation of the charity, participate in events and general meetings, be informed about our current projects and receive regular updates. Please contact us at info@littletreehouse.org if you wish to become a member.


We are grateful to receive any donations you are willing to offer to any of our projects and we do not have a minimum donation policy. As a non-profit organisation incorporated in Italy, donations to Little Treehouse follow the onlus tax treatment and are in part or fully tax deductible in the Italian year end statement. You can donate to Little Treehouse directly by credit card or PayPal account clicking the button below:

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Opt to elect Little Treehouse as your 5 x 1000 by indicating our name & our ‘Codice Fiscale’ (97671540157) in your yearly tax statement.

‘Adopt’ a child

This long distance adoption is the most direct & impactful way to help our children. We ensure full transparency with direct access and communication to your adopted child. Please contact us directly if you are interested at info@littletreehouse.org


If you wish to help by visiting Orlindi Orphanage through voluntary work, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you arrange your visit. It will be a great experience!